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Fran Orford, one of the UK's foremost cartoonists, and Mike Bryson, humorous illustrator and caricaturist have teamed up to offer their own unique take on this fantastic communication and marketing tool. Voice-overs provided by Lisa and Dan from North of Watford productions.


According to research by experts on stuff, whiteboard

explainer videos do all of these things..


1 Increase Conversion Rates


2 Clarify the Objective of Your Product or Message


3 Generate Increased Interest


4 Rank Better in Google Search


5 Increase Web Traffic


6 Help Your Audience Retain Information


7 Liven Up Your message


8 Grab Audience Attention


9 They are Easily Shareable


10 Showcase Your Personality


10 and a half.... Mike and Fran reckon this is all very well, but an explainer video that also makes people laugh and smile whilst getting your message across, wil be even more memorable!



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